A new Blog, a new iPad …

Mr. Typo got a new iPad. And Linotype got a new blog. It’s high time we brought these two together!

Intellectual and creative father of Mr. Typo is Alessio Leonardi (Italian). Some of you might already know him, because he is a curious typographer (actually with French roots), and he wrote and designed the book A Line of Type. Alessio will support the Linotype blogger team (multicultural) with a new Mr. Typo comic strip every week, and he will surely voice his opinion from time to time.

Apart from that we will be blogging in German or in English in regular irregularity. Usually about (typo)graphic odds and ends which attract our interest and which we want to share with you. Of course, we are looking forward to receiving feedback and links!

But now it’s showtime for Mr. Typo and his new iPad (I’d also like to have one!)

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