How to design for digital? Brand Perfect Tour has the answer

According to Mashable, more than three billion apps were downloaded from Apple’s app store. Amazon reported that they have sold more e-books than conventional books in 2010. The analysts from Gartner stated that PC sales are decreasing dramatically, whereas tablet sales are rising. Steve Rubel puts it in a nutshell: “The end of tangible media is clearly in sight”.

I do actually doubt the absoluteness of this statement because there are enough print media lovers out there, but nevertheless digital touch points are becoming ubiquitous. Which big brand doesn’t have an iPhone app, a mobile website, a standard website, and Facebook apps? But how do the creators of digital touch points and brand holders ensure keeping the brand’s visual language intact in such a technological restrained field? How can a brand’s identity, which was designed for print before anyone actually thought about the arrival of the iPhone, be successful in digital media? We have been looking into this together with our partners Fjord, bemoko, pitch and Creative Review and came to the conclusion that we need an event uniquely designed for answering the one question: “How can I keep the brand’s identity intact when going digital?”

With the Brand Perfect Tour we set out to build a platform to answer this question. It’s designed to be a forum for communication and discovery – An open exchange of strategies and technologies designed to improve brand consistency and the user experience in the digital landscape. It will be an interdisciplinary event, in case anyone was wondering how typography comes into the game, which aims at catering to the needs of brand managers, developers and designers. The tour launches next week in London where I will be blogging behind the scenes, and I’m especially excited to announce that the Brand Perfect Tour will also be coming to Germany, Hamburg to be exact, at the 14th of June 2011.

To cater to the needs of the audience, the tour’s morning program will consist of inspiring and insightful talks and presentations whereas in the afternoon you can practice what we preached in interactive workshops. Please find more info about the tour and the program for London and Hamburg at Hope to see you there!

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