Linotype at TYPO-Berlin 2011

Linotype Booth
Linotype’s booth inside the Haus der Kulturen der Welt for the TYPO-Berlin 2011 conference. Pictured from left to write are Tobias Meyerhoff, Rebecca Schalber, and Martin Haeckel.

One of the first thing that visitors to TYPO-Berlin notice upon entering the venu is the number of vendor booths in the reception era. For event-sponsors like Linotype, TYPO-Berlin represents an invaluable opportunity to meet face-to-face with hundreds of practicing graphic designers. It is no surprise then that Linotype GmbH has a booth at TYPO-Berlin. But what exactly goes on at a booth like ours? Our primary goal is simply to be accessible. For three days, anyone can visit our booth to ask us a question, learn about font licensing, font management, or webfonts. Visitors also often come by to receive typeface recommendations, to lodge a complaint, or even to just chat about typography and graphic design.


While we always distribute a few free give-aways at our booths, we have two special brochures this week that most TYPO-Berlin attendees probably haven’t held in their hands yet. The first is our newest issue in the Fonts in Focus series (number 8). We’ve featured Fonts in Focus in our e-mail newsletters and on our website, and Linotype Blog readers can flip through the brochure via the embedded Issuu interface above. Interestly – in a telling sign of how networked the graphic design landscape in Germany is – the Fonts in Focus designers are also present at this year’s TYPO-Berlin. The Fonts in Focus magazined is produced by MAGMA Brand Design in Karlsruhe, who also publish Slanted magazine; Slanted is also present with a vendor booth in the TYPO-Berlin reception area.

Platinum Collection Broshure

Platinum Collection Broshure

Our second new brochure, which shows details of our Platinum Collection typefaces, is hot off the press. This year’s TYPO-Berlin attendees are among the first font-lovers to be able to hold this item in their hands. Almost A4 is size, this 48-page catalog is dedicated to the following typefaces:

  1. Avenir Next
  2. Compatil
  3. DIN Next
  4. Eurostile Next
  5. Neue Frutiger
  6. Frutiger Next
  7. Optima nova
  8. Palatino nova + Aldus nova
  9. Sabon Next
  10. Neue Swift
  11. Syntax Next
  12. Trade Gothic Next
  13. Univers Next


On Friday and Saturday, visitors to our booth will be able to meet a new face: Doug Wilson. Doug is a graphic designer and filmmaker from Springfield, Missouri. He is currently directing the full-length Linotype: The Film documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler’s invention of the Linotype Machine during the 19th century. Dough is a TYPO-Berlin 2011 conference speaker, and everyone at TYPO-Berlin is invited to get a sneak peek at clips from his film at 3pm on Friday. For much of the rest of Friday and Saturday, Doug will be at the Linotype booth: He will brings some real type cast from a Linotype Machine with him, and some merch, too.

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