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Today, I am providing you with a short intro to two of our “young gun” speakers for Brand Perfect Hamburg at 14th of June: Johannes Schardt and Christophe Stoll.

Johannes and Christophe are running the design studio precious in Hamburg. Besides client work for German super brand Nivea and German big name retailer Görtz (and many non-disclosure projects), a big part of their work is for technology start-ups. They are deeply  rooted in the digital world: I would go so far to say, they didn’t learn how to think digital, digital is in their DNA.

They are renowned for running workshops tackling product innovation and user experience design (slides from their “Creating Meaningful Experiences” workshop at this year’s Re:Publica can be found here). Also, you can find their articles in De:Bug (magazine for electronic living) and Weave (magazine for interactive design). Interestingly, they also own a record label and are also responsible for Tocotronic’s album art work.

If you want to see Johannes and Christophe live on stage, go to and leave your details. You might get a free ticket!

Get a glimpse of their work here:

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