TryType II: Experiments in Motion Graphics

With trytype I everything was about graphic design: For two semesters under the leadership of Prof. Guido Ludes, students at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden experimented with selected typefaces from Linotype.The results ranged from linear black-and-white graphics all the way up to complex, three dimensional font universes, literary interpretations and freehand illustrations.

With trytype II we went into a different direction discovering motion graphics: Under the leadership of Prof. Guido Ludes students experimented with selected typefaces from Linotype to develop motion graphics. Although each of the students was allowed to go their various and individual ways, they agreed to conform to the following requirements: experimental presentation of fonts, emotive effects, audiovisual dialogue, and trailer character.

Xian Jin, a third-year student, sees Aeonis as modern, innovative, stable and avant-garde. Her concept for Aeonis is mainly to deploy 3D morphing and an alphabetic architecture. Salina Kesselring used Aeonis in her video cityparadise to symbolize the city: “Aeonis represents a city skyline and embodies the hard, harsh, heartless starkness of a large metropolis. Waza offers a contrast with its bright and colourful effects. Waza represents nature and is very organic and playful.”

Enjoy the first video!

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