Georgia and Verdana now extended to offer more languages plus more weights and styles.

Something to delight all fans of these two classics: Georgia® Pro and Verdana® Pro have been fully extended and now offer a greater variety of typographic designs plus more opportunities to use them throughout the pan-European language area.

Background information:
Georgia and Verdana came onto the market in the mid-90s. Both families were designed by Matthew Carter to be displayed well on-screen. The Antiqua font Georgia and the sans serif Verdana are available in all current operating systems and enjoy great popularity worldwide. Up to now both families have only been available in four versions – Regular and Bold, with the corresponding Italic fonts.

Additional weights, more styles
Matthew Carter, David Berlow from Font Bureau and Steve Matteson and Tom Rickner from Monotype Imaging have now supplemented Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro with three more weights. This means that now in addition Light, Semibold and Black are available with their accompanying italic versions. The Italic versions of all forms have been completely re-designed.

Expanded character set, more languages supported
Accessible as OpenType functions, Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro now offer true small caps and different sets of numerals. The set of languages has also been extended: both families now cover the full pan-European language area, and as well as characters for the Eastern European language area, they now also include Greek and Cyrillic characters.

Detailed further information on Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro plus examples of designs and an illustration of all available versions can now be found at

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