A lively, very legible text font:
the Mantika Sans from Jürgen Weltin

Today I would like to make another font recommendation: Mantika Sans from the German designer Jürgen Weltin has everything that makes for a good text font. It has clear contours and therefore is also very clearly legible in small sizes, as for example for the Office suite or for business reports.
Another remarkable feature is the italic style, to which Jürgen Weltin has devoted particular attention and to which he has given a very dramatic design. The styling of the Mantika Sans is based on older designs for an Antiqua, which gives the members of the family a special flavour.
Mantika Sans features a good range of symbols and languages and is universally applicable. It was highly commended in the “Greek text font” category of the “3rd International Eastern Type Design Competition Granshan 2010”.
Conclusion: This family of fonts stands out from many traditional text fonts because of its dynamic, individual character and it offers many design opportunities.

A detailed article showing many font examples is available on Linotype.com

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