Mine is Yours: Favorite Typefaces of 2011 in Use

I  just read an article on typographica.org about their selection of favorite new typefaces of 2011. Two of the typefaces featured are homegrown so I thought about adding some type-in-use info about them.

Carter Sans was first publicly used by Pentagram for their design of the annual Art Directors Club New York invitation card – and this fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the design.


Carter Sans ADC Gala Invite

Last year Linotype sponsored the Frankfurt ADC exhibition and it was only natural for us to choose Carter Sans for our posters. PS: I rescued them and now they are part of my attempts to make my office a bit more colorful and fun.


Carter Sans Poster

Slanted, a German typography magazine, also seem to like Carter Sans a lot…


Carter Sans Slanted Mag

Colin M. Ford says about Carter Sans:

With Carter Sans, Matthew Carter and Dan Reynolds have struck gold in an infrequently mined area of type design. What they created is a rock-solid set of four weights with lots of unique character.

Next up in “Favorite typefaces of 2011 in use” will be Neue Haas Grotesk.

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