Typecasting carries on in Darmstadt

The last months have been very critical of the continued existence of the type casting department in the Darmstadt Museum “Haus der Industriekultur.” The owner of the production and distribution company “Schriftenservice Stempel” has dissolved the company end of 2011.

Rainer Gerstenberg, who operates the machines for over 25 years in Darmstadt, has taken over all the machines and matrices and can now cast and distribute the lead types, stamping types and short types under the name “Druckerei Gerstenberg”.

The range of hotmetal typefaces is very large. He can cast and deliver the faces from the former D. Stempel AG, Nebiolo, Deberny & Peignot, Olive, Klingspor and Haas.


Druckerei Gerstenberg

1. Wartegässchen 41
60598 Frankfurt/Main

Fon 069 / 68 16 10
Fax 069 / 65 00 70 08
Mobil 01 60/7 00 64 49
[email protected]

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