All the characteristics of a debut work:
Levato by Felix Bonge

At this point, I would like to use the opportunity to draw your attention to a particular typeface. Levato, which has only recently been made available at, is a font family with a large repertoire that was developed on the basis of experiments undertaken by Felix Bonge while participating in a type design course held by Professor Jovica Veljović. After subsequently attending a calligraphy seminar, Bonge completely reworked his concept and achieved this impressive result. Levato is graceful, dynamic and versatile all at the same time. There are five weights with the corresponding genuine italic versions. The suite of glyphs thus covers all potential options: the four character sets, small caps, numerous ligatures, ornamental and swash character variants mean the Levato can be used in headlines, to design magazine layouts and to set continuous text.

For more information on this typeface, ideas for possible applications and the opportunity to purchase the Levato family for your own use, and for reading an interview with Felix Bonge, go to

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