A whole new approach to displays: media art in the new terminal of Vienna International Airport

ZeitRaum“ (‘TimeSpace’) is the name of the art installation designed by Ars Electronica Futurelab for Vienna Airport’s new terminal. It generates real-time interpretations of incoming and outgoing flights. Its massive display screens frame the airport’s security checkpoints. When a passenger approaches a screen, a virtual snowstorm of letters is triggered and these trickle to the bottom of the screen. Here, the letters join together to form texts that represent the topography of a landscape in a constant process of transformation as its progress is determined by the actual status of the airport’s air traffic: starts generate mountains and landings are represented by valleys.

The fonts used for the displays are Soho Gothic and Futura, here used as a means of expression that is unlike anything to which we are normally accustomed.

A fascinating video film of the installation is provided on the Ars Electronica Futurelab website: http://www.aec.at/zeitraum/textscapes.html

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