Biome: a contemporary, retro-futuristic font family

Perhaps its rounded, organic forms take a little getting used to, but there is no doubt that Biome is both striking and ideal for use in wide variety of contexts. This extensive font family was created by US designer Carl Crossgrove by means of a long-drawn out process of experimentation. The result is a harmonious and consistent typeface with the occasional unconventional character, such the lowercase ‘g’ with its one closed and one semi-open counter. The available weights range from Extra Light to Ultra, while Biome is also available in three widths (Basic, Narrow and Wide).

Thanks to its generous x-height and large counters, Biome is particularly effective when used in the larger font sizes in such contexts as headlines and logos, but it remains highly legible even when used to set longer, continuous texts. – For more information about this typeface go to

To mark the launch of this new font, we will be supplying three Biome variants to try out free of charge to everyone who registers to receive our Linotype newsletter (offer available until 15 July).

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