Vivacious, dynamic and robust:
the calligraphic font Excritura

Excritura is the third typeface to be published by Spanish typographic designer Alex Camacho. This handwritten-like italic has its own individual personality and stands out in comparison with more typical calligraphic fonts thanks to the unusual styling.
The result is a calligraphic typeface that is reminiscent of the architectural exuberance of Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí’s obsession with vigorous, organic forms and motifs drawn from nature represented the principal inspiration for Alex Camacho’s concept.
The font not only exhibits considerable contrasts in terms of stroke thickness but also accommodates ornamental embellishments, idiosyncratic line terminals and has a large x-height to enhance legibility. This all provides Excritura with an agreeable dynamism and vivacity. Although the attractive details of the font come across more effectively in the larger point sizes, Excritura is still readily legible at 10 pt and greater and can thus also be used to set shorter texts.

Visit for more information on Excritura and to read an interesting interview with Alex Camacho.

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