Lucca font, a new interpretation from Brazil
of the Italian Renaissance Antiqua

The young font designer João Henrique Lopes has clearly drawn on the Antiqua font of the Italian Renaissance for the Lucca font he designed in 2013. The arched shape of the ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘d’ in particular emphasize that historic approach.
However, the different weights and the profile of the letter stems and the slanted line ends are very characteristic of the Lucca.
The font can be purchased in two weights, Regular and Bold, and distinctly more angular Italic variants are available for both of these. The Italic version of the Lucca thus vividly brings to mind a German Fraktur font. The figures in Lucca are designed like mediaeval figures and small capitals are available in all font styles.
Its multi-facetted appearance means that the Lucca is not restricted to any one specific font area, but can be used in a number of areas. The Lucca is a clear font with a welcoming appearance, which is easy to read, due in great part to its large x-height.

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