Agmena by Jovica Veljović – a diversified book font

Agmena was designed as a book font in 2012 by Jovica Veljović, a Serbian type designer who currently lives in Hamburg. Although no specific typeface was used as a model, its form is reminiscent of an Antiqua font of the Renaissance. Veljović himself claims that his main purpose in designing Agmena was to create a new book font that would remain legible even in the very smallest point sizes. This has been achieved by means of the use of large x-heights, generous counters and the provision of clearly defined, open letter forms.
But the single most defining feature of Agmena is its wealth of detail apparent, for example, in the differing ascending strokes for the ‘b’, ‘d’ and ‘h’, the variation in form and length of serifs and the rounded tittles over the ‘i’ and ‘j’. The punctuation marks have the diamond shape characteristic of quill script. Although these details may only be particularly evident in the larger point sizes, they also provide text set in smaller font sizes with a vibrant, poetic feel.

Agmena is available in the styles Book, Regular, Semibold and Bold and each of the weights has a matching italic. There is also a wide range of variant glyphs – every style comes with small caps, different numeral sets, alternative letters and ornamentations. In addition, the Latin alphabet is supplemented by a selection of Cyrillic and Greek letters.

Click here for more information on Agmena, and to see sketches, drafts and examples of Agmena in use at

You can also read the text of an interview with Jovica Veljović that provides more background details on the designer and his new font.

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