For all fans of film and typography:
the typefaces used on posters for the latest films

The “Movie Fonts” feature at has been specially designed for all lovers of film and fonts. This has been recently supplemented by a detailed article on the fonts used on posters for the latest cinema hits and with this in mind we have been looking at what fonts are most similar to those used on the film posters.

This is a congenial way to discover not only more about current movie trends but also to explore how fonts are used and their historical contexts.

Are there, for example, fonts that are more frequently used in connection with certain film genres? And, assuming this to be the case, what is the supposed effect of the selected fonts? And do they really have the intended effect on us? Accompany us on a typographic tour of discovery through the world of the latest films.

Click here for a list of recent movies and their poster fonts.

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