As of now web fonts are available direct from

Thousands of fonts from Linotype, Monotype and ITC can now be purchased direct on and make it possible to generate coordinated designs, suitable for all types of platforms, from print media to Internet purposes. The use of web fonts offers yet more advantages: good readability on screens, indexability for search engines (not possible when texts are represented as graphics in the Internet), faster generation and updating of texts on websites, support for all major types of browser. In addition, the Linotype web fonts support more than 40 languages and can therefore be presented in almost every international layout. The licensing model for web fonts on is based on the pay as you go principle, in which a defined package with page views is purchased and further page views can be added, whenever the package is used up – in this way there is no need for a subscription with additional costs.

Comprehensive news and information are provided on, such as the article on “Licensing and installation of web fonts” and the Web fonts FAQs.

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