Interview with designer Stefan Claudius

The 42-year-old designer Stefan Claudius discovered his love for font design very early in life. When he was still at school he constructed and arranged letters in the squares in his exercise books. Even then he felt impelled to experiment, to explore and thus to create something completely new. To date, the designer from Essen has designed some 40 font families and from these he has developed seven text fonts with numerous font styles.

He began on the creation of his Yalta Sans font as long ago as 2005. He became interested in subtle contrasts in stroke weights and tried out this effect in sans serif fonts. However, he found this protracted working process a positive thing – in this way he was able to continue to develop the font and return to its development again and again with a fresh critical eye.

Thus a font emerged, in which the flexibility of a humanistic font, the clarity of a sans serif and the geometric, technical aspect of a square sans come together – humanistic technicity, as he calls it.

However, even personally the aspect of the various origins in Claudius’ life became evident. The German-Swiss felt himself very attached to Swiss design. For him it combined the playfully experimental character of the Dutch and the meticulous, reflective work of the Germans. The designer says this about himself: “In this sense I am probably going back to my roots and trying to say that light-hearted enthusiasm is as important to me as mulling over a subject.”

This is an extract from the Monotype interview with Stefan Claudius – the full interview can be found on

Find here more information about the font family Yalta Sans from Stefan Claudius.

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