A font reminiscent of the everyday –
the fruit-inspired Fruitygreen

The Indonesian designer Andi AW. Masry drew extensively on the everyday for the design of his second typeface, Fruitygreen (his typeface début was Coomeec). Fruitygreen, as the name suggests, derives from the characteristic shapes of fruits; as a whole but also in sections, and their curves and ends. It is a particularly avant-garde font with its idiosyncratic forms, but this gives it a high recognisability factor and a quite distinctive character.

Fruitygreen is available in the three weights Regular, Bold and Black, for each of which there is a matching italic style. These italics are slightly condensed and have, for example, an ‘a’ with a closed form and an ‘f’ with a descender.

The harmonious and vibrant effect of this font means that Fruitygreen can be used to set shorter sections of text, although it is much more at home in logos, headlines and titles. It is here that its particularly distinguishing features, such as the lowercase ‘r’ (which assumes the form of the capital letter) become most apparent.

And – something that will gladden the heart of any designer – Fruitygreen has a wealth of alternative glyphs, ensuring that it can be used in many different design and application contexts.

Click here to get more information about Fruitygreen.

Also read the interview with the designer Andi AW. Masry.

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