An animal contribution to the Linotype Zootype
on Creative Review

A blog dedicated entirely to a single font? That is the case with from the Argentinian designer Victor Garcia. In 1997, he drafted the font Linotype Zootype, in which animal heads are set delicately into the letters. This lends the font a unique, in some cases comical, character.

A contribution to Creative Review covers the blog, which has this font as its one and only subject but never becomes boring.

Victor Garcia submitted the font in the context of the second International Type Design Contest from Linotype, and Zootype was awarded a place in the Take Type Library. The designer himself describes the Linotype Zootype as playful and a pure joy of animal nature. This fun comes through to the readers of his blog.

Read the Creative Review contribution on Linotype Zootype here.
Read here what jury member Adrian Frutiger and others think of the happy animal font.

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