Calligraphy at its best – Jean Larcher publishes imposing work on calligraphy

A book is to be published this March that provides extensive examples of calligraphic script:
Traits de Caractère – Character Traits – Linien mit Charakter by the French calligrapher Jean Larcher.
On its 624 pages, the book presents some 300 calligraphic pieces in eight different languages.
There are historical, classical and experimental scripts and also contemporary styles, accompanied by texts written by 20th century calligraphers. There are also Latin epigraphs and philosophical and literary quotations produced expressly for this book that have not previously been published.
Jean Larcher is himself a French calligrapher. He discovered his passion for handwriting while still a student and today works as a lecturer, among other things. His works have appeared in more than 250 exhibitions worldwide.

Traits de Caractère is not simply a reference work but also a masterpiece that will be welcomed by devotees and admirers of the art of calligraphy. The book is to be printed in a limited edition of 500 copies.

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