The book “Hanzi Graphy” – a link between
Chinese and Latin script

Mario Takagi’s book “Hanzi Graphy” explores the connection between Chinese symbols – also known as hanzi – and the Latin alphabet. More precisely stated, the book attempts to create a typographic translation between the two font systems.

These days, Chinese script is still considered an exotic and mysterious form of writing, in particular to people in the West.

Fittingly, the foreword was written by Akira Kobayashi. The renowned font designer and artistic director at Monotype himself had to bridge the gap between the Latin and Asian script and can thus relate to the challenges inherent to the subject matter.

“Hanzi Graphy” is based on research that began in 2008. The goal was to create a link between the Latin and the Chinese writing systems. The book introduces the six foundations of the Chinese symbol types in a total of 224 pages. It visualizes and analyses the structure and the microtypographical aspects of Chinese characters in comparison to Latin ones.

Find out more about the book “Hanzi Graphy” by Mariko Takagi.

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