Tom Grace develops Compressed styles
for Neue Helvetica

With its 51 styles, Neue Helvetica was already well prepared for practically any design challenge. Equipped with these styles, the font already covers a wide spectrum of different weights and offers an endless variety of potential applications. For applications that need to save space, Tom Grace has developed new Compressed styles. They are particularly narrow and are well at home in small spaces.
As with all other font styles of Neue Helvetica, the x-height does not change, despite the different weights. In this way, you can combine the various styles of Neue Helvetica together and still have a harmonious image among the various weights.
The new Compressed styles are particularly practical for companies that use Neue Helvetica for their company font. Now, they have even more variety for their image.

Find out more about the new Compressed styles for Neue Helvetica here.

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