The advantages of large font family groups
in web design

We are currently publishing a series of articles on on the subject of web fonts (go to ‘Web fonts tutorial’). These appear monthly and are packed with information, ideas and advice. We recently uploaded an article that explains the advantages of large font families when it comes to web design.

A typeface super family or family group is a family of fonts that incorporates different styles, such as serif and sans serif variants. The main advantage of a super family is the fact that all the variants are carefully coordinated so that they can readily be used in combination. This applies not only in the print context, but also carries over into web design. thus describes in the article a number of typeface super families that are also available as web fonts. What are the individual effects of particular fonts and which are particularly suitable for setting headlines, subheadlines and body text? provides you with an introduction to family groups such as Mantika, ITC Officina, Satero, Aptifer, Xenois, Compatil and Generis and interesting background information relating to their designs.

Click here for more information about the typeface families that are available as web fonts and their specific characteristics.

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