60 years of passion for typeface –
interview with Swiss designer Christian Mengelt

Christian Mengelt was born in 1938 in St. Gallen and embarked on calligraphy as a profession almost
60 years ago in 1954. There, he discovered his passion for fonts and font designs. In addition to his job as a font designer, today he is also an instructor for graphic design. During the course of his career, Mengelt had already created numerous fonts, such as the Sinova or the most recent font, Mengelt Basel Antiqua.

Christian Mengelt created his new font Mengelt Basel Antiqua for the latest English edition of the anatomy book “De humani corpis fabrica.” He was inspired by the original print of the anatomy work, which first appeared in print in 1543 as well as the older font type of Basel Antiqua from the 15th and
16th century.

One of Mengelt’s biggest challenges, as he himself explained, was “to generate a synthesis between maintaining the integrity of the original style of the historical font and meeting the demands of a modern typeface.” Therefore his main goal was to create “an Antiqua with historical reference to the modern compositional setting technique.” He succeeded in doing that.

Please go ahead to read a persuasive interview with the designer in its entirety.

Information on the latest Mengelt Basel Antiqua can be gotten here.

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