Inspired by the font for the Bell Centennial telephone directory – the new Burlingame

Burlingame, which is designed by Carl Crossgrove, assumes a special place among the Square Sans fonts. The recently published font has unique letterforms and is especially optimized for small font size on the display screen. This lends Burlingame a distinct and individual character.

In addition, there are parallels to the 1978 design of Bell Centennial of Matthew Carter. Since it was developed especially for telephone books, Bell Centennial had been optimized specifically for small
font size on thin, low-priced paper and an accelerated printing technique. This is only one among other similarities with Burlingame.

On the whole, Burlingame can be differentiated from a mass of other Square Sans owing to their typically notched strokes and cut apexes in larger font sizes – here its individuality particularly comes to the fore and is able score on that level. In addition, essentially no other type of Square Sans can be deployed to save space to the same extent in a condensed pattern and still retain legibility.

Here you will glean further details on the similarities between Burlingame with Bell Centennial.
Furthermore, Burlingame also offers a comprehensive link that provides background information, concrete examples of use and designs.

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