The universal genius of Jim Ford –
the new Quire Sans

Jim Ford designed his humanist sans serif Quire Sans as a universal genius. It is exceptionally well legible in the small and large sizes and has ten different weights, each with true italic styles. Moreover, it has a large selection of number and character sets: the range runs from medieval and upper-case figures to countless ligatures and small capitals.

In this way, Quire Sans can be used for the most diverse range of applications. In addition, the letters have dynamic forms that appear at once classic, yet modern and robust. The universal character is reflected in the origins of Quire Sans. Jim Ford pulls together international influences from the most diverse font eras in his sans serif, combining them with his own style.

In this way, the designer appears to have achieved his goal to design “the sans of all sans”.

Find out more about the new Quire Sans from Jim Ford here.

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