Typography on music covers:
Rock Music Cover Fonts Selection
on Linotype.com

Album covers offer the viewer a first glance into the musical world beneath the packaging. And the variations and distinctions in the cover designs are just as diverse as the genres of music – particularly when it comes to the font and typographic design.

Linotype.com is now presenting different styles of music and a selection of their covers. We explain and present the fonts used, giving insight into how the music genres work and play differently with the typography on their covers.

The first section deals with cover fonts on rock albums. Linotype.com presents the fonts that were particularly popular on rock album covers and saw widespread use.

In addition, Linotype.com is offering a Rock Music Cover Fonts Selection, available with14 styles from five font families. You can purchase this selection for 79 USD/EUR (gross price 94,01 USD/EUR including German sales tax), saving 411 Euros or 84% compared to the normal price.

See the cover fonts for several selected rock albums here. In addition you will receive information on the Rock Music Cover Fonts Selection and the link to download.

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