Fonts Designed by the Homeless:
Homelessfonts Initiative Now Available on

The Spanish Arrels Foundation has launched a project called Homelessfonts. In the project, homeless people in Barcelona designed five fonts that are now available internationally. The organization aims to raise awareness of the lives of the homeless and to offer some dignity and respect to these people in need. The fonts are intended in particular for brands and agencies that work in advertising, news distribution or social media.

To lend the project your support, you can purchase the five fonts on now. You get the fonts for only 24.50 Euros instead of the normal price of 49 Euros. All proceeds will go to the Arrels Foundation, which aids and supports some 1,400 homeless in Barcelona. On the website you can view biographies and interesting videos on the participants and their work on the project. Since the fonts have no punctuation characters or accents, they are particularly suited to large ads and headlines.

The project was announced at this year’s 58th ATypI in Barcelona, which took place September 17th-21st. The picutre below shows the Director of Arrels Foundation, one of the font artists and Bill Davis, Global Font Product Manager at Monotype.

Click here to access the selected fonts on

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