The new Mantika book by Jürgen Weltin
expands the Mantika super family

The Mantika super family expanded once it introduced a third family member, the Mantika Book, so that existing families of Mantika Sans and Mantika Informal will be supplemented with an Antiqua.

Like the existing families, the Mantika Book is oriented to the Renaissance Antiqua, but the contrast in the stroke strength is more pronounced than is normally the case in this genre.

The serifs are typically asymmetrical, with sloped ends. The lightly grooved stems with a hint of a curve into the common space as well as dots that resembling feather script gives the Mantika Book a dynamic and friendly character. As with Mantika Sans and Mantika Informal, the letters of Mantika Book also show the same x-height, but they are furnished with slightly longer ascenders and descenders.

The name is Program: the Mantika Book is specifically suited to a book typeface and is available in the two stroke strengths, regular and bold, along with the respective Italic cuts. Furthermore, it has an exhaustive set of numbers and symbols. In addition to this third typeface, Mantika family has also extended its area of application, in order that you now have the opportunity to combine the font families optimally and variedly with one another.

Other information and graphic visual aids for the Mantika Book can be found in a contribution on

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