The agony of choice: the search filter on helps you find the right font

Considering the number of fonts available, it isn’t always easy to find the right one. wants to make the search for the font that meets your expectations easier.

The search filter on can help. You’ll find it in the header section of the website – simply click on it or enter a search term. On the next page, you can further restrict your search and choose more selection criteria in the left navigation pane. Am I looking for a font with or without serifs? Do I need a handwritten script or a calligraphic font? The selection criteria enable you to answer these questions and much more. Make your search even easier by adding more specific criteria, including the file format, supported languages, or typographic characters. The right pane of the page automatically updates and displays the current search results.

If you are looking for a font for a particular topic, a special occasion or for a specific application, you’ll find help here, as well. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, technical projects, or simply cool designs, the search filter can definitely help you out.

The search for the right font has never been so easy, not to mention the chance of finding something new and bold.

Try out the search filter and be inspired by new fonts!

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