The life of the designer Roy Cole –
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Currently available at is an extensive portrait in English of the British designer Roy Cole, who was born in 1932. Cole began his career as a compositor, subsequently studying typographic design at the General Vocational College in Basel under Emil Ruder. The styles of this period and the then trends in Swiss typography had a significant and enduring impact on Cole’s development as a designer. Concepts such as order, simplicity and legibility determined the “modern” approach to design in this period and thus also became Cole’s guiding principles. Their influence on him is clearly apparent in many of the reproductions of his designs.

After graduating from college, Cole was first employed as a graphic designer by various agencies in the UK and Switzerland until he founded his own studio in 1981 and his own font label “Roy Cole Typography” in 2003; his designs continued to exhibit a marked relationship with the aspects of Swiss typography. It is undeniable that the influences he absorbed during his student years continued to be evident even in the final works he created before his death in 2012.

Click here to find out more about the life of Roy Cole and to read a detailed biography of this designer.

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