Neue Haas Unica: the new, delicate revision of Helvetica now on sale for 99 USD/EUR*

Designer Toshi Omagari has devoted himself to the nearly forgotten font Haas Unica, expanding the typeface with additional styles, characters and language support.
On commission from the Haas Type Foundry, Team 77 was to design a friendlier update of Helvetica. The result appeared at the end of the 1970s, Haas Unica. The font was a blend of Univers and Helvetica as sources of inspiration. Now, Toshi Omagari has taken this font as a template for his adapted and expanded version, the Neue Haas Unica.
Omagari adapted some of the proportions for the digital typesetting techniques, removed unnecessary details and thus gave Neue Haas Unica a more uniform overall appearance across all styles. Five new weights were added to the existing four. The selection of characters was expanded significantly, as well. The font now supports Central and Eastern European languages, as well as Greek and Cyrillic characters. Small caps and different number sets are also available.
While the similarities to Helvetica and Univers are noticeable, the delicate adjustments lend Neue Haas Unica a somewhat livelier and friendlier character.
And thanks to the diverse characters and language options, as well as the numerous styles, Neue Haas Unica is versatile and applicable internationally, whether for headlines, logos or text.

Now you have the opportunity to acquire this extensive font family in this introductory offer, available until May 7. You get the nine weights from Ultra Light to Extra Bold with matching italics in OpenType Pro format for only 99 USD/EUR* instead of 399 USD/EUR **.

Learn more background information and details about Neue Haas Unica here.

* Gross price 117,81 USD/EUR including German sales tax. The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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