The favorite fonts of designer Mårten Thavenius and family packs of the Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab family for only 99 Euro* each

The favorite fonts of font designer Mårten Thavenius
After completing a B.A. in Philosophy and Aesthetics, Swedish designer Mårten Thavenius began working as an interface designer with IBM. He later became a freelance web consultant and font developer. His most popular designs are the comprehensive families Aptifer® Sans and Aptifer® Slab.
In a exclusive, Mårten Thavenius presents his favorite fonts and provides tips for their application.
Learn more about these unconventional and exciting fonts here.

Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab as Family Packs for only 99 USD/EUR* each
Take advantage of this unbelievable offer: The complete Aptifer Sans font family and Aptifer Slab family (OpenType Pro versions) are available for 99 USD/EUR* each for one week only. With the Family Pack, you save 830 USD/EUR or 89% off the normal price.
Both Aptifer sub-families share an identical basic letter shape. The symbiosis of the robust American sans serif from the turn of the 20th century and humanist influences lend Aptifer a friendly, but distinctive character. In contrast to the restrained Aptifer Sans, Aptifer Slab is distinctive and striking with its slightly wedge-shaped slab serifs. Both sub-families open up a wide range of applications, particularly in corporate design. They can be used for headlines or for text, as well. Aptifer Sans and Aptifer Slab are available in seven weights, each with a matching italic.
Don’t hesitate, get your Aptifer Family Pack now and obtain these perfectly legible fonts with diverse ranges of application at a low price.

* Gross price 117,81 USD/EUR including German sales tax.
The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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