FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab: ideal for all kinds
of applications

Designer Michael Abbink began working on FF Kievit during his studies. The final version of this font came out years later as part of a corporate project in the Studio Method Inc. in 2001.
Characteristic of the font are the clear, readable and friendly shapes, as well as the great options. Abbink was particularly inspired by the clear sans serif typefaces, such as Frutiger and Univers, as well as humanistic Antiquas like Garamond and Granjon.
FF Kievit has already won two prizes. It is available in nine weights with matching italics.
The matching serif version FF Kievit Slab also came about as a part of a corporate project. Abbink completed it in collaboration with Paul van der Laan in 2013.
Both family members offer a great deal of typographic flexibility and are suitable for many areas of application, either together or on their own.

Click here for further details and information on the FF Kievit family.

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