Available for one week: Antique Olive
for only 49 USD*

You can now find the one-week offer for the popular Antique Olive™ on Linotype.com. You get seven styles for only 49 USD*. From Light to Black, including italics, and the special cuts Black Condensed and Compact.
The sans serif font, designed in 1969, is often used for logos and headlines. It is characterized by its unique letter forms; the typeface originates in early design experiments by the French designer Roger Excoffon in the 1950s. He experimented with exaggerated letter forms.
Excoffon worked as an art director with Air France for many years and also designed other popular fonts, including Banco®, Choc® and Mistral®.

You can find the link to our Antique Olive offer and more information on the font and designer here.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR including German sales tax. The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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