FF Real Text and FF Real Head: Erik Spiekermann’s friendly super family

German designer Erik Spiekermann always wanted to design a font from a poster style of the commercial typeface Akzidenz Grotesk®. He succeeded in doing this with FF Real™. The neutral, yet friendly font was already put to use in his biography, “Hallo ich bin Erik”, which demonstrates the functionality of the FF Real family as a book font.
Spiekermann first designed two styles, one for body text and one for headlines. He named the fonts FF Real™ Text and FF Real™ Head.
Characteristic of the typeface are the open counters, large X-height, and the slightly structured appearance. Designer Ralph Olivier du Carrois then cleaned up and refined the outlines of the font.
FF Real Text and FF Real Head were finally expanded with 13 styles, from Hairline to Black, with additional small caps, ligatures, number sets and a number of symbols.

Find out more details about the friendly FF Real Text and FF Real Head here.

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