New: Interview with Terrance Weinzierl

As a part of the Eric Gill series, which includes Terrance Weinzierl’s Joanna® Sans Nova, among others, Weinzierl answered some questions for us.
He discovered his passion for font design during his studies. He took courses, gained a lot of knowledge and began to create his own fonts, which he continues to do to this day. Currently Terrance Weinzierl works as a typeface designer at Monotype. His newest font, Joanna Sans Nova, resulted from that work. “I wanted to create a font with Gill flair, but one that is more harmonious in its extreme strengths than Gill Sans® and with my personal touch,” Weinzierl noted. He was inspired by Eric Gill’s original font Joanna® and eventually worked for three years to complete Joanna Sans Nova.
Weinzierl explained the design process in greater detail, what difficulties came up and to what style he would attribute Joanna Sans Nova.

Read the fascinating interview with designer Terrance Weinzierl here.

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