An Early Love for Typography – Interview with Designer Stefan Claudius

The German designer and typographer Stefan Claudius discovered his love for typography at a very early age. According to the 43-year old, he “designed letters in the boxes of school notebooks.”
Over the years and thanks to his studies in Wuppertal and Essen, he was able to develop this love into a passion and, eventually, a career.

In 2002 he founded Cape Arcona Type Foundry along with Thomas Schostok, and now runs the Büro Sichtvermerk along with Kathrin Roussel. He has also taught Typography and Font Design at various universities since 2007.

For him, the design of fonts is always “an act of research, a reconnaissance of that which can happen – in a certain sense, designing a font is like setting up an experiment.” In this way, insight into the development of his font Yalta Sans is particularly exciting: the path to the final design of this font took eight years. In the interview, the designer provides insight into the long development period, the challenges he had to face and how he was able to pull something positive out of it in the end. “I think the positive aspect is that I matured along with the font.”

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