Eric Gill series: the new font families, Gill Sans Nova, Joanna Nova and Joanna Sans Nova

The Eric Gill series offers a portfolio of coordinated fonts that are also suited to large, international projects in print and on the Web. All the fonts are modern, revised interpretations of the original designs by renowned font designer Eric Gill.
Gill Sans Nova, for example, is based on Gill Sans®, which was designed from 1928 to 1932. Designer George Ryan expanded the humanist sans serif with several new characters and weights so that the typeface now includes nine weights. Each weight has a matching italic, apart from the two boldest styles. Ryan also optimized Gill Sans Nova for digital publication, added complementary Condensed styles, and designed various ornamental versions that round out the options. This brings the comprehensive Gill Sans Nova to a total of 43 styles.
Two other fonts of interest came about parallel to Gill Sans Nova; these were not based on Gill Sans, however, but the historic slab serif Joanna® from 1937.
Designer Ben Jones was inspired by this font and designed Joanna Nova, a modern interpretation with significant slab serifs. Particularly noteworthy are the unconventional Italic styles, which are inclined by only 3°; despite the typical, rounded italic shape, they stand nearly upright. The Joanna Nova is available in nine finely graded weights, from Thin to Ultra Black, each with a matching italic.
Designer Terrance Weinzierl created a sister font to Joanna Nova, the Joanna Sans Nova. It is also based on the book font Joanna. In this case, Weinzerl not only removed the serifs, but thoroughly revised the letter forms and reduced the contrast in stroke weights. The italics appear slightly calligraphic; they are at a steeper incline and have more rounded shapes. Joanna Sans Nova is available in eight weights, from Thin to Black, each with complementary italic versions.
The language support for all three families not only includes Western and Central European languages, but also Greek and Cyrillic.

Whether for the Web or in print, you can find more information about the perfectly coordinated font families of the Eric Gill series here.

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