Book tip: “Tschicholds Faszikel: Unbekanntes von und zu Jan Tschichold”

Eighty-two pages in length, the book “Tschicholds Faszikel: Unbekanntes von und zu Jan Tschichold” (“Tschichold’s Fascicle: Unknown from and on Jan Tschichold”) contains collected print materials that belonged to German typographer Jan Tschichold. It was published last year by Jost Hochuli.
The lovingly designed booklet exhibits Tschichold’s fascicle, which the Tschichold family donated to the St. Gallen Center for the Book in the Vadiana Canton Library. The bundle contains materials like newspaper and magazine clippings, brochures, font samples, letters and much more, which Tschichold collected for decades.

Jost Hochuli’s book not only presents the individual finds, but describes the content of each fascicle (bundle) in detail and explains their meaning and context.

“Tschicholds Faszikel” appeared in early 2015 from the Edition Ostschweiz publishing house – you can pick up your copy directly there.

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