For 24 hours: 299 Praxis selections for only $49*

You have the opportunity to get the complete sans serif Praxis® for only $49* at The text font by the famous Dutch Designer and lecturer Dr. Gerard Unger is available for the next 24 hours – in the limited number of 299 packages.
The basic shape of the versatile Praxis is based on Unger’s Antiqua Demos® but the contrast in the line width is very restrained. A considerable x-height and open counters ensure perfect readability on the screen, also in smaller sizes, and the distinct shape of headlines call attention to itself.
Be quick and get the Praxis selection with the five weights Light, Regular, Semi Bold, Bold and Heavy in OpenType Pro format.

Click here to get to the Praxis selection.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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