New: Between by Akira Kobayashi for only $99* in an introductory offer

Already back in the 1990s, Japanese font designer Akira Kobayashi had the idea for Between, a DIN-like font that still had a humanist appearance and the right features for volume typesetting.
The result now was the Between font family, which has three closely related versions, Between™ 1, 2 and 3. The obvious similarities among the fonts makes them flexible enough for the most diverse design projects and offers a wide range of expressions. Between 1 appears technical and modern, Between 2 clear and easily legible, Between 3 friendly and lively.
To celebrate the arrival of this new font, we are offering the complete Between family in an introductory offer of only $99*, available until December 8.
You get the three styles of Between, each with its unique appearance, in eight weights, from Thin to Black, each with italic styles. Number sets with upper-case and old-style figures and ligatures round out the offer, and make Between suitable for the most diverse areas of application.

Get this great offer for Between for only $99* here.
Our feature on the new font family from Akira Kobayashi provides more details and background information.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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