FF Enzo from Swedish designer Tobias Kvant

Swedish designer Tobias Kvant created the sans-serif typeface FF Enzo in 2008. The font has a strong character with high degree of recognition value. With five weights and matching italic styles, FF Enzo is suited to headlines, but also to longer texts in smaller font sizes.
Monolinear square sans fonts, the Antiqua and other lively font details influenced the designer. Numerous ligatures, table numbers and small numbers round out the options of the FF Enzo family.

Get even more exciting information for the FF Enzo here.

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Available for one week: Antique Olive
for only 49 USD*

You can now find the one-week offer for the popular Antique Olive™ on Linotype.com. You get seven styles for only 49 USD*. From Light to Black, including italics, and the special cuts Black Condensed and Compact.
The sans serif font, designed in 1969, is often used for logos and headlines. It is characterized by its unique letter forms; the typeface originates in early design experiments by the French designer Roger Excoffon in the 1950s. He experimented with exaggerated letter forms.
Excoffon worked as an art director with Air France for many years and also designed other popular fonts, including Banco®, Choc® and Mistral®.

You can find the link to our Antique Olive offer and more information on the font and designer here.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR including German sales tax. The offer does not apply to holders of user accounts, who already receive a fixed price reduction.

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Fonts by Inspiration series: popular and exciting rounded fonts

Representatives of the “rounded fonts” genre are also among the fonts featured in the series “Fonts by Inspiration” on Linotype.com. These are fonts with rounded ends or that are based on a circle. The result is a softer, friendlier and more modern character.
Our expert selection reflects both contemporary rounded fonts and typefaces that came out in the 20th century and already experienced great popularity. We offer a carefully chosen selection of exciting rounded fonts in the categories classic, modern casual and modern technical. Be inspired!

Check out our selection of rounded fonts here.

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New Condensed styles available
for the Akko font family

Condensed styles and matching italics were recently added to the Akko family, the popular font designed by Monotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi in 2011. All six weights of the clear and modern font family now have the additional, space-saving style. This makes Akko all the more versatile, offering a broader spectrum of potential applications.

Download the new Condensed styles for Akko here.

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FF Kievit and FF Kievit Slab: ideal for all kinds
of applications

Designer Michael Abbink began working on FF Kievit during his studies. The final version of this font came out years later as part of a corporate project in the Studio Method Inc. in 2001.
Characteristic of the font are the clear, readable and friendly shapes, as well as the great options. Abbink was particularly inspired by the clear sans serif typefaces, such as Frutiger and Univers, as well as humanistic Antiquas like Garamond and Granjon.
FF Kievit has already won two prizes. It is available in nine weights with matching italics.
The matching serif version FF Kievit Slab also came about as a part of a corporate project. Abbink completed it in collaboration with Paul van der Laan in 2013.
Both family members offer a great deal of typographic flexibility and are suitable for many areas of application, either together or on their own.

Click here for further details and information on the FF Kievit family.

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New publication: Kairos by Terrance Weinzierl

Distinctive, hip, octagonal and somewhat playful: a fitting description for Kairos, the new typeface from Monotype designer Terrance Weinzierl. The slab serif was derived and re-interpreted from the so-called “Grecian fonts” of the 19th century, which were writings in the style of wood carving.
With a total 51 styles, Kairos offers a splendid array of options, including matching italics and small caps. It is also available as a web font. This makes the flexible Kairos suitable for many applications and projects.

Find out more about Kairos here.

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Fonts by Inspiration: a new series of articles
with exciting font inspirations

The series “Fonts by Inspiration” recently launched on Linotype.com. The series selects and presents new tips and inspiration for your font choices every month. You learn about high-quality, classic and modern fonts that you can use for a wide range of applications.

Here you find an overview of the already published issues.

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Modern, festive script fonts for your designs

Invitations, greeting cards, or personal messages – Linotype.com presents modern script fonts, suitable for all sorts of applications. With these fonts, you can create personal, festive or even casual designs. This is possible because many fonts have countless alternative characters and can thus create a very diverse word image.
For this reason, we selected and took a closer look at several particularly beautiful examples from the Autographis Collection by designer Gert Wiescher.

Take a closer look at the selection of calligraphic fonts here.

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The popular ITC Handel Gothic, now for
Arabic, Persian, and Urdu

The futuristic ITC Handel Gothic has become even more interesting for the international market, thanks to font designer Dr. Nadine Chahine. The typeface, which has been popular for nearly 50 years, is now available in Arabic, Persian and Urdu language versions. The ITC Handel Gothic Arabic is available in the five weights Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Heavy and is particularly well-suited to logos and headlines as well as packaging-design projects.

Take a closer look at the new ITC Handel Gothic Arabic.

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Geometric fonts: an interesting article

If basic geometric shapes like circles, squares or triangles play a major role in the design of the typeface, you’re dealing with a geometric font.
This structured character was first successful in the 1920s with the “elemental typography”. Notable fonts like the Universal font by Herbert Bayer and Futura by Paul Renner stem from that era, for example. These two fonts also had a great influence on many other typefaces.
The geometric fonts experienced renewed popularity in the pop and disco culture of the 1970s. The same was true twenty years later, this time in the techno music scene and with the rise of digital typography in the 1990s. And even today geometrically structured fonts appear contemporary and modern, with their cool, technical and neutral character.

Learn more about the history of geometric fonts and their areas of application here.

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