Five of our Typefaces won ATypI Competition Letter.2

561 typefaces were submitted, only 53 got an award. Five of them are coming from Linotype’s and Monotype Imaging’s typeface libraries.
What I’m talking about is the Letter.2 typeface design competition that was hosted by the well-known typographic organization Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) this year. A few days ago, the winners were announced as the best typeface designs of the last decade.

We proudly present our winning typefaces as follows:

  • Neue Haas Grotesk™ by Christian Schwartz (2011)
  • Veljović Script™ by Jovica Veljović (2009)
  • Egyptian Slate™ by Rod McDonald (2008)
  • Pirouette™ by Ryuichi Tateno (2003)
  • Mundo Sans™ by Carl Crossgrove (2002)

It was only the second competition conducted by ATypI in its 54-year history. The first, Bukva:raz!, which is russian and means letter.1, was held 10 years ago.

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