Atilla Korap

My friends and me never questioned our common belief that our beloved Heavy Metal bands designed their own logos. It was simply part of the business! Hence, I also started my career as a musician with tracing and redrawing logos from Heavy Metal bands. I even redrew logos from bands whose music I barely could listen to. The fun ceased when I started playing the guitar. With those weird characters alone you could not win any fans.

When I started to working at Linotype, it dawned on me that there are people who knew how two use characters, even how to design them, and who must have been responsible for some logos of Heavy Metal bands. And so, I started to doubt my own thesis of the self-designed logos.

Since then I have gained the insight that everything important in life is actually done and regulated by the elite circles of the typographic community.

I have been with Linotype for over ten years. I started as a font engineer and now I am coordinating the font development group.

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