Tweet for better Arabic typography online

There are practically no references at all for anything to do with Arabic Web Fonts. So, I’ve spent my day in a long tweetathon about anything related to the topic. Here are some of my tweets put together: #ArabicWebFonts Browser [...]

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Webfonts update: WOFF format now supported by all major browsers

What a day! Apple didn’t only gave us Mac OS X Lion, no Apple’s Safari is also supporting the WOFF format. Last year at the Webfontday in Munich, ATypI in Ireland and many more conferences, speakers already predicted that the [...]

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Constructivist Fonts

An interesting article on the “revolutionary” typefaces of the 1920s can be found at together with information on the historical background, the article includes illustrations showing the development of constructivist fonts and examples of their use during the period. [...]


TryType II: Experiments in Motion Graphics

With trytype I everything was about graphic design: For two semesters under the leadership of Prof. Guido Ludes, students at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden experimented with selected typefaces from Linotype.The results ranged from linear black-and-white graphics all the [...]


Curves made of steel

One of my favorite designers, who is also my MA teacher/PhD supervisor/Matchmaking partner/fellow Linotype designer, is Gerard Unger. There are very few designers like Gerard. Why? First there is the brilliance of his work. Second, it is the inspiration that [...]


Comic Sans conquers the Internet on April 1st

What a coincidence! Today, we released Comic Sans Pro and an accompanying blog post and at the same time Google shows all search results on Helvetica in Comic Sans plus they launched a dedicated website – brilliant timing! – Follow the [...]

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