Interview with designer Sandra Winter

Sandra Winter collaborated with Akira Kobayashi on the design of the new Rounded versions of Avenir Next. We decided to take the opportunity to ask the designer, who was also involved in the DIN Next project, a few questions. You [...]

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Typecasting carries on in Darmstadt

The last months have been very critical of the continued existence of the type casting department in the Darmstadt Museum “Haus der Industriekultur.” The owner of the production and distribution company “Schriftenservice Stempel” has dissolved the company end of 2011. [...]


The designer Victor García on the definition of the typographic category of pictograms and symbols

In Autumn Number 45 of TYPO Magazine in a very interesting and amusing article, the Argentinean designer Victor García seeks a suitable definition for type families composed of pictograms, symbols and other elements beyond language representation. In his article currently [...]

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More Linotype Machines on display

In Darmstadt, about 30 minutes south of Frankfurt, close to the main train station you can find the „Haus für Industriekultur e.V.“ They have 13 restored Linotype machines all in full operation on display. You can get a demonstration and they [...]


All that I can see…

is Typography? On the top of Taipei. I am standing on the observatory of Taipei 101, the no. 2 in the ranking of highest buildings in the world. All I can focus on in this particular moment, 450 m over [...]


Une gloire typographique

The Futura Exhibition at Galerie Anatome in Paris is on until 23 July. An eye-catching book has been produced to accompany the exhibition: Futura. Une gloire typographique. Although it is only available in French, the extensive and in some cases [...]


Linotype Museum in Schopfheim

I was with Doug Wilson, the maker of the Linotype Film, in Schopfheim at the Linotype Museum. I was totally astonished. Such a large number of Linotype machines. There are a total of 48 functional Linotype machine in an incredibly [...]