Interview with Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson, director of Linotype: The Film   During Typo Berlin 2011, I had the opportunity to speak with Doug Wilson about the upcoming Linotype: The Film documentary. Oh his site for the film, Doug writes, “The film tells the [...]

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Radio Portrait of Eric Gill (1961)

As part of retrospective on British sculptors, the BBC has recently re-published a 1961 radio program on Eric Gill (1882–1940). This hour-long discussion of Gill’s life and work may be streamed from the BBC Archive website. Most readers of our [...]

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Webfonts update: WOFF format now supported by all major browsers

What a day! Apple didn’t only gave us Mac OS X Lion, no Apple’s Safari is also supporting the WOFF format. Last year at the Webfontday in Munich, ATypI in Ireland and many more conferences, speakers already predicted that the [...]

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Displaying Digital Fonts (Part 1 of 5)

In the Analogy of the Cave, by the ancient philosopher Plato, humans cannot directly see “real” things. Everything happening around them occurs behind their backs, projected onto a wall by a light that is even further behind them. These people [...]


Linotype birthday

The Linotype machine needed matrices. And that is something special. The shape and the teeth of the matrices has never changed. She ran from the first to the last machine in the magazines and even all competitors used the same [...]


TryType II: Experiments in Motion Graphics

With trytype I everything was about graphic design: For two semesters under the leadership of Prof. Guido Ludes, students at the University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden experimented with selected typefaces from Linotype.The results ranged from linear black-and-white graphics all the [...]


Precious thoughts, Visual Languages & Brand Perfect Hamburg

Today, I am providing you with a short intro to two of our “young gun” speakers for Brand Perfect Hamburg at 14th of June: Johannes Schardt and Christophe Stoll. Johannes and Christophe are running the design studio precious in Hamburg. [...]


Typographic impressions of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that exists in the realm between the twin poles of tradition and modernity – and this also applies to the typography one sees there. In the following, I describe aspects of the aesthetic impact that this [...]


How to make a cover – Story from NYTimes Magazine

The NYTimes Magazine published a story “The Making of a Cover”. It is nice to learn about the process. Read it here: