Typographic impressions of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that exists in the realm between the twin poles of tradition and modernity – and this also applies to the typography one sees there. In the following, I describe aspects of the aesthetic impact that this [...]


How to make a cover – Story from NYTimes Magazine

The NYTimes Magazine published a story “The Making of a Cover”. It is nice to learn about the process. Read it here: http://tiny.cc/xcv6t


A project with a soul

A few months ago, on a cold Tuesday morning, I got an e-mail from Mario Garcia asking me if I’d like to work with him on the redesign of the An-Nahar newspaper in Lebanon. I was waiting for the bus, [...]


Comic Sans conquers the Internet on April 1st

What a coincidence! Today, we released Comic Sans Pro and an accompanying blog post and at the same time Google shows all search results on Helvetica in Comic Sans plus they launched a dedicated website – brilliant timing! – Follow the [...]

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A new Blog, a new iPad …

Mr. Typo got a new iPad. And Linotype got a new blog. It’s high time we brought these two together! Intellectual and creative father of Mr. Typo is Alessio Leonardi (Italian). Some of you might already know him, because he [...]