The detailed FF Yoga super family

The technically perfect FF Yoga super family has plenty of character, whether it is used alone or in combination. French designer Xavier Dupré created FF Yoga in 2009.
The font is versatile, whether in print or on the Web, and is in particular demand for the design of books, newspapers, magazines, packaging and advertising campaigns. Experience the exciting combination of the distinctive Antiqua FF Yoga® and the neutral sans FF Yoga® Sans for yourself.

Find out more exciting and interesting details on the FF Yoga super family here.

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Video tip: The Last Punchcutter

We’ve discovered a wonderful short documentary, “The Last Punchcutter”. It was shot by Italian directors Giorgio Affanni and Gabriele Chiapparini and shows the beauty of the old craft of punch cutting. The nearly seven-minute documentary focuses on Giuseppe Bracchino, former head of the die-cutter department of the company Nebiolo in Turin, who continues to work on his craft quietly.

Dive into this nearly forgotten but no less fascinating world of old-fashioned font creation.

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For 24 hours: 299 Praxis selections for only $49*

You have the opportunity to get the complete sans serif Praxis® for only $49* at The text font by the famous Dutch Designer and lecturer Dr. Gerard Unger is available for the next 24 hours – in the limited number of 299 packages.
The basic shape of the versatile Praxis is based on Unger’s Antiqua Demos® but the contrast in the line width is very restrained. A considerable x-height and open counters ensure perfect readability on the screen, also in smaller sizes, and the distinct shape of headlines call attention to itself.
Be quick and get the Praxis selection with the five weights Light, Regular, Semi Bold, Bold and Heavy in OpenType Pro format.

Click here to get to the Praxis selection.

* Gross price 58.31 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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Advanced and cost-effective web font licenses for digital ads – new at

Online advertising is obviously a component of any campaign. Flash was the format of choice for online ads for many years. Especially since Google’s recent decision not to accept any more Flash files, however, the more modern and flexible HTML5 has replaced the proprietary format. The completely different implementation and application patterns of these online ads compared to websites necessitates a new license. The new “Digital Ads” licensing model is tailored to web font use, with very favorable terms and a custom EULA (end user license agreement).

Learn everything about the new license model for “Digital Ads” and find valuable tips for creating ads in HTML5 format here.

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50% discount on the new Tanseek Sans

Designers Richard Dawson and Dave Farey created Tanseek Sans on the basis of the Latin characters of the Arabic font Tanseek™ Modern. These appear slightly smaller due to their adaptation to the Arabic counterparts. Nevertheless, Tanseek Sans combines perfectly with other Latin fonts and is unique, open and very legible in its five weights.
Until October 6, you can get a 50% discount on the normal price of the new and friendly Tanseek Sans.

Access the discounted Tanseek Sans here.

* Gross price 76.16 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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Now available: FontExplorer X Pro 6 for Mac OS X

Great news for all users of FontExplorer for the Mac operating system: the upgrade to FontExplorer X Pro 6 for Mac OS X offers you plenty of new functions. These include improved font classification, Unicode 9 support, new plug-ins for QuarkXPress 2016, as well as Adobe CC 2015.x applications and some other innovations.

Find more information on all new functions and getting the new version or the FontExplorer upgrade.

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Monthly series “Fonts by Inspiration”: Celebration Fonts

Our “Fonts by Inspiration” series presents a fun font theme this month: celebration fonts – a festive theme that has a cheerful, noble and celebratory flair, but is also perfectly suited to personal words. To this end, our experts have put together a selection of fitting font recommendations for you.

Learn about our selection of festive, personal fonts here.

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Tips & Tricks series: pictogram font

This month, our Tips & Tricks series explores the question of how to find the characters of a pictogram font. Unlike in the older pi fonts in PostScript and TrueType format, these characters are no longer accessible via the keyboard – you can’t just “type” them out anymore.

We explain the background to this and how you can easily and quickly access the symbols in pictogram fonts.

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Offer for 24 hours: the complete Yalta Sans for only $99*

Stefan Claudius designed the legible and modern Yalta™ Sans in 2013. The humanist square sans is ideally suited to corporate design projects because it radiates humanity on the one hand and a technical character on the other. With a total of 16 styles (Thin to Black) and matching italics, the modern Yalta Sans offers you a variety of application options. See for yourself – get the font in OpenType Pro format for only $99* for the next twenty-four hours.

Get Yalta Sans on sale for $99* here.

* Gross price 117.81 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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New and on sale: the complete Publica Sans for only $39*

Font designer Marcus Sterz recently created the geometric, versatile Publica Sans. The concise font family is available in a total of 18 styles, ranging from Extra Light to Black, and includes many alternate characters, ligatures, numeral sets, as well as matching italics. This makes the Publica Sans ideal for a variety of design projects.
We are offering the complete font family at an introductory price of only $39*. Experience the diversity of Publica Sans yourself – the offer is valid only until September 12.

Get the universal Publica Sans on sale here.

* Gross price 46.41 USD/EUR with VAT.
The offer is not valid for holders of accounts that already receive fixed-price discounts.

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